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"Karl was instrumental in training our team of highly technical international development specialists on the significance of design in business development. Karl was able to meet all levels of experience through his workshop on best practices and methods to clean, concise and effective infographics, charts and graphs, and other imagery. He was a dynamic and engaging speaker, offering constructive critique with grace and responding to questions with patience."

– Analeed Marcus

   Communications Manager

   Cardno International Development

"Karl Gude is an engaging and energetic speaker that knows how to connect with an audience. Karl's vast experience with information graphics is not just theoretical, but practical, and during his presentations knows how to convey that knowledge in a way the audience can clearly understand and use. Not only will you learn from Karl, but you'll have a great time doing it as he shares his unique wisdom, perspective, and personality."

– Matthew Pierce

    Learning and Video Ambassador

   TechSmith Corporation 

"When Karl Gude is up front leading, teaching, or

training designers, media specialists, illustrators,

creatives of any stripe, people are being inspired,

motivated, challenged, stretched all while having

a great time. Karl is a treasure of experience and

insight in the business of visual storytelling. And,

Karl's is a bottomless resource for creative thinking
and execution. Creative teams and

teams in any business enterprise will benefit in

unexpected ways from time with Karl Gude."

– Mark Hernandez

   Former Art Director

   CIA's Directorate of Analysis

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"I've laughed more during @karlgude's presentation than

any other conference talk ever. I know I'm going to remember more too."

– Kathryn Wall


   Ragan Communication workshop

"Karl is the most passionate person I have ever met. Karl's passion for life and creativity are evident in every interaction with him.  Because of this I had the opportunity to have Karl speak at a company meeting while I as at GISinc and it was one of the highlights of the 3 day offsite.  His energy, message and level of engagement is contagious, and will certainly inspire the repressed creativity in us all."

– Brad Epker

   Chief Revenue Officer

"Working with Karl Gude [when Director of the Gulf News, Dubai] has been one of the best training times for me and for my team. His knowledge and the way he shares it makes the learning process a pleasant and enjoyable experience. His out-of-the-box thinking and the way he challenges us boosted our creativity to find new approaches to solve problems. If your team needs to refresh the way they work, IÂ  highly recommend participating in any of Karls' workshops."

– Miguel Angel Gomez

   Design Director at Al Nisr Group

   United Arab Emirates

"We did a survey about Karl Gude's talk and workshop and got such enthusiastic responses. People loved the keynote. Our overall conference satisfaction rate went from 60-something last year to 95% this year."

– Laura Silverman

   Director of Content Strategy

   University Communications

   University at Buffalo

"Nothing is more satisfying than a productive

brainstorming session 😌. Campaign planning

for my Street Team’s non-profit is well underway.

I love utilizing all the awesome creative thinking

techniques I’ve learned from Karl Gude to get

the best ideas out of my team!"

- Lyla Luoto

   Advertising major

   College of Communication Arts and Sciences

    Michigan State University


"Karl's unbounded energy and creativity add value to even the most unlikely situations."

– Theresa Bernardo

   IDEXX Chair in Emerging Technologies and Bond Centered Animal Healthcare 

   University of Guelph

   Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"The MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities empowers students and employees experiencing disability challenges. Dynamic, out of the box thinking helps us in many contexts but is vital as we work to resolve challenges for our clients in turn helping MSU excel and staff/students reach their highest potential. In 2018, Karl Gude helped us discover and navigate techniques that foster creativity and innovative problem solving. His approach grabbed everyone's attention, provided bold new insights, and helped us extend our ability to think out of the box. Our time spent with him fulfilled our highest expectations."

– Michael J. Hudson


   Michigan State University

   Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

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