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Karl loves to make people laugh, and his lively and playful infographic presentations do just that, a lot more. 

A good infographic is an effective infographic. Information is being collected nowadays faster than they can build hard drives to store it all. How can we make sense of all that information? Visualize it with infographics. However,
if you build them poorly you can make the information even harder to understand and annoy and frustrate your audience. And, a confusing and amateurish infographic will do more harm to your organization's reputation than good.

Karl's talks will put your mind squarely at ease and bring clarity and order to the process of creating infographics.


  • How to make great infographics when you don't think you have the right skills

  • Why visuals are better than words alone for communicating your message

  • How to find stories in data

  • Infographic design dos and don’ts

  • How to plan a visual project using can’t-miss steps for success

  • How to use narrative story forms to research and organize your infographic

  • How to break the bonds of predictable thinking and come up with good ideas

  • Design: How to use typography, color, and composition to design effectively.

  • Online graphic tools, free and paid, you can use to help you make wonderful infographics easily.

  • Basic visual devices for conveying different kinds of information

  • Assembling the infographic dream team

Photo by Matthew Pierce cropped of Karl