VIDEO: An overview of my infographics talks and workshops

When text and images come together they become powerful tools for conveying information simply end effectively.

Whether print or motion graphics, infographics clarify complex information and make it understandable. They add meaning with a careful combination of words and images. Infographics are essential in every industry for effectively communicating ideas, knowledge and  data in engaging ways.

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Learn how to plan and produce data visualizations that beat the content glut. This practical and entertaining presentation with infographics expert Karl Gude will give you plenty of tools and techniques for planning and designing more effective infographics —as well as inspire creative ideas to help you think differently so your visual message can rise above the clutter.

Karl will work with you to create effective, on-brand infographics that visually communicate your message clearly to your target audience.  Karl is an artist, graphic designer, and writer who can do it all. 

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Roll up your sleeves and let's make infographics that work. These collaborative, active workshops are for everyone, regard- less of their communication responsibility, from writers and editors to photographers, designers and artists. Are you the only one in your department making them or are there several of you who work together? Expert or novice? You'll all learn and grow.