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Karl's workshops teach you how to create infographics that take the reader by the hand and guide them through the content.

Infographics clarify complex information and make it understandable by giving it meaning using a careful combination of words and images. Infographics have become essential in every industry for engaging and explaining  ideas, knowledge and data.

When text and visuals come together they become powerful tools for conveying information simply end effectively. In Karl's practical and fun,

hands-on workshop you will learn how to plan and design visual messages that grab and hold your audience’s attention by making your messages stand out. Karl also gives info-packed presentations.

Martha Stewart Pie chart HD good.jpg

Can you spot what's wrong with this infographic? Answer below.

  • How to create an infographics "dream team?"

  • How Karl creates an infographic from start to finish

  • How to plan a visual project using can’t-miss steps for success

  • How to break the bonds of predictable thinking and come up with good ideas

  • How to use typography, color, and composition to design effectively.


  • How to find visual, relevant stories in data

  • Infographic dos and don’ts

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Martha Stewart pie chart HD infographic.

This infographic illustrates where Martha Stewart's operating revenues come from and how much each area of her business lost. Something's missing though. The "Other" category. The slices should include 100% of her revenues. My editors insisted I take it out. Too big, too distracting.  :/