Creativity expert and graphic storyteller Karl Gude can help your organization excel in two key areas, both critical to success in today's world:

Creativity and Infographics 


Karl will create infographics for you. He can also teach you and your staff to make ones that will engage and inform a broader audience.

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Karl offers both hands-on workshops and

presentations on creative processes for

brainstorming more innovative

ideas and solutions.

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How Karl can help you

Have you felt that your ability to solve complex problems hasn't given you the answers you hoped for?  Using proven creative problem-solving methods, Karl Gude and his partner, Sarah Preisser, can guide your team to brainstorm unique ideas that can lead to workable solution. 


Have you wished your organization could connect better with your customer by communicating with them in a more engaging and instructive way? Infographics are a proven way to do this, and Karl Gude can show you how to make them, or greatly improve the ones you already create by making them better.

Karl is an award-winning university professor and a dynamic speaker in both disciplines, creativity and infographics. For decades, he has taught popular courses in creativity to thousands  of students. He was also the Director of Infographics for Newsweek magazine and The Associated Press.


Infographics are graphical displays of information, Karl 's workshops and talks can motivate and inform  your staff  and help your visual messages rise above the clutter.  can also ignite your creative abilities. 


Creativity means coming up with novel ideas that are useful for solving complex challenges, innovating new products and the like. Karl's talks and workshops get people thinking about their own creative confidence and abilities as well as offer them real tools for igniting their ability to generate great ideas and solve problems.