Karl offers playful, inspiring, and instructive creative-thinking talks and team-building workshops to grow your creative confidence and abilities

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Karl talking to creativity East Lansing

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Society trains us to think alike, conform to its rules, and  not stand out. This is a problem that can make our ideas predictable and ineffective. This conformity can make us crippled thinkers and ineffective problem- solvers. In his lively, compelling talks, Karl helps you understand how you were once creative, how you lost this superpower, why that's bad, and how you can reignite your dormant creative instincts and abilities.

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In their these lively, hands-on workshops Karl and partner Sarah Preisser will work with your group to find innovative solutions to the challenging issues you're wrestling with. Bring us your toughest problem and, using  "Design Thinking," the proven, step-by-step process for finding workable solutions,  they’ll work together with your organization to generate truly novel and effective ideas. 

Creative problem-solving workshop partner, Sarah Preisser, founder of Mindset Talent