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High school cartoon

Dairy farming

At The Associated Press

Teaching at MSU

Working on the bicycle painting, "Chasing the Pack'

Dairy farming in Vt.

Teaching creativity at Michigan State University

Thank you for taking a look at my art. Since my retirement in 2020 working as a professional artist and as a teacher, I have focused my energies on growing my skills on making paintings, drawings, and linoleum-cut prints.


I'm a self-taught artist, an interest that began drawing cartoons for my high school newspaper. I decided college wasn't for me so after high school I went right to work doing wonderful jobs like managing factory workers, building houses, selling retail, teaching English as a second language abroad, and dairy farming (I've delivered 27 calves!). 

But I never forgot how much I loved making art. In 1979 I pulled together some courage and moved to New York City with my portfolio hoping for to luck out with an art job. Incredibly, I was soon offered a job in the field of journalism making something called ‘news graphics’ (now infographics), which I had never heard of. It turned out I had a knack for researching news-related information and using drawing and design to craft a graphic explanation that helped readers understand news stories. I spent nearly 30 years there and in Washington, D.C. making infographics for United Press International, the N.Y. Daily News, The National Sports Daily, The Associated Press, and Newsweek magazine.

In 2006, I was invited to teach at Michigan State University's School of Journalism. I taught two subjects —"Visualizing Information with Infographics" and "Creativity and Complex Problem-Solving". During my 15 years there, I was fortunate to have won both college and university-wide teaching awards. (Thank you students!) 


Best of all, I am happily married to the fantastic Dorsey Weber and have two wonderful sons, Cole and Erik. 

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